Wanting something different with your life is a courageous,
honorable, self-loving choice.

TC - pic 2To know that your life could be enriched, that your choices could be healthier, that you could wake up feeling more alive and go to sleep resting more peacefully is within your reach. Therapy is a wonderful way to help you get there.

Likely you have arrived at this website because something in your life feels unbalanced, disharmonious or unmanageable. Partnering with a therapist to explore the roots of your discomfort and learn new ways of thinking and being is an effective way to create new perceptions, attitudes and beliefs in your life which ultimately create dramatic and meaningful shift in mindset and behavior. Having the right therapist in the journey is paramount.

Please take your time in perusing my website. Here you will find information on my education, training and most importantly how I like to work with my clients, along with information on fees and insurance. My goal with this website is for you to get a flavor for who I am and how we may be able to connect in pursuit of your goals. I am happy you are here. I look forward to helping you on your journey toward the life that awaits you.